Food Allergy & Sensitivity


4 Step Approach

Whether it’s irritable bowel, food sensitivity, digestive disorders, autoimmunity, or the goal of promoting intestinal healing, we take a 4 step approach.

Trigger assessment & elimination

We take a look at your diet, symptoms, history, and lived experience and try to connect the dots to identify the trigger food patterns

From individual food components like lactose to spectrum sensitivities like histamine, salicylates, FODMAPs, gluten, etc.

Replacement of missing nutrients

In cases of allergy, we make sure your regular diet includes replacement foods or nutrients present in the excluded foods

In more complex eliminations, we analyze the nutrient profile of your diet and make changes to ensure complete nutrition during elimination phases

Restoration of gut-supportive elements

While we watch to see if symptoms resolve we work on gut health through foods, supplements, microbiome care, and lifestyle health

Food re-introduction to tolerance

A well structured food challenge allows us to identify the specific foods or food components responsible for reactions and the tolerance levels of these foods

We can then strategically re-incorporate the foods that pass the test, optimize your nutrition profile, and removing the anxiety of not knowing what to eat

conditions I commonly work with (in adults)

histamine or salicylate sensitivity
lactose intolerance
gluten sensitivity
Eosinophillic esophagitis

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