Food Relationship

When knowing what to do isn’t enough

When food and eating becomes a struggle or pre-occupation

Intuitive Eating

The Intuitive Eating approach draws a sharp line in the sand of nutrition and lifestyle health. It throws out every rule book and scoring system, and rebuilds a personalized set of internalized principles through an experiential and therapeutic process. As the intuitive eater evolves, s/he has no need to devote willpower or brain bandwidth to careful calculations or forceful self-restraint. Instead, the intuitive eater becomes adept at noticing body cues and tapping into motivation driven by an authentic value of self-care and vitality.


Many of the rules, tips, tricks and patterns that we've all come across about the best foods and ways to eat are correct and useful, but they were determined in controlled studies and they are not always applicable in the messy real world, nor do they ALL apply to EVERYONE. For those who have tried and tried to follow good (and bad) advice only to find themselves frustrated, out-of-control, and/or afraid to eat, Intuitive Eating can be life-changing.

Intuitive Eating also applies to anyone who is already practicing a mindful mindset and pursuing an intentional life. Those following the intuitive path of least resistance and seeking revitalizing practices will find the principles of Intuitive Eating, well, intuitive and aligned with their existing values.

One of the most important elements of Intuitive Eating is it's intended outcome. Unlike most diet programs, IE pursues the result of a stable, flexible, stress-free, and healthful relationship with food as opposed to weight loss. That is not to say the people don't lose weight. If weight gain had been driven by yo-yo dieting, mindlessness, or loss of control with food, the cessation of these elements does allow for the body to return to a naturally lower weight. But the entire point of IE, and a foundational tenet, is letting go and allowing the body to be the ultimate authority. From this perspective, body weight will be what it needs to be, and through the Intuitive Eating process, it will be your healthiest achievable weight and you will be OK with it.

Instead of food rules

The Intuitive or Mindful eating approach relies on responding to cues and needs authentically and learning to optimizing both satisfaction and self-care.

"Intuitive Eating is a dynamic mind-body integration of instinct, emotion, and rational thought. It is a personal process of honoring your health by paying attention to the messages of your body and meeting your physical and emotional needs"

~ Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch, originators of the Intuitive Eating approach

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