Nutrition Counselling & Coaching

Lifestyle approach

Instead of just weight loss, let’s focus on health gain.

This takes not just grit and perseverance, but planning, reflection, and progressive lifestyle upgrades.

This takes time.

The final solution is likely not just about the diet.

For meaningful and durable change, we delve into mindset and habit patterns in addition to the practicalities of diet and lifestyle.

Once we flesh out the foundational issues, we can plan targeted, experiential corrections that work and evolve with your reality to enable long-term successes.

We work together to stay on track.


In our first session we will sort through the puzzle pieces of your food reality to identify the more and less obvious elements that underpin your core challenges.

I will also want to learn more about your health and lifestyle history.

Then we formulate a plan and a rough outline of which parts we’ll tackle in each session.


In order to work through the challenges that are keeping you stuck, we will articulate 3-5 key issues that need addressing in any of the following areas:

  • Knowledge:

    • Food and meal choices and habits

    • Metabolism and Appetite

    • Culinary skill

  • Mindset:

    • Beliefs, interpretations, self-sabotage

    • Awareness around eating and body cues

    • Consistency and accountability

    • Self-care

  • Emotional Influences:

    • cravings

    • compulsions

    • binges

    • emotional eating


Then we progress!

Each session, we review your gains and obstacles.

We check which goals are progressing and which goals need finessing or changing.

We set 1-2 new goals that further build on the current focus or on the next part of the plan.

As we connect, unpack, troubleshoot, and reflect, you stay engaged and accountable and I keep track of the big picture, offer options and tools, and help you train consistency.

Sound good?

Book a free call to learn more :)

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