Healthy Weight & Lifestyle



Instead of just weight loss, let’s focus on health gain.

This takes not just grit and perseverance, but planning, reflection, and progressive lifestyle upgrades.

This takes time.

The final solution is likely not just about the diet.

For meaningful and durable change, we delve into mindset and habit patterns in addition to the practicalities of diet and lifestyle.

Once we identify the foundational issues, we can plan targeted, experiential corrections that work and evolve with your reality to enable long-term successes.

We work together to stay on track.


Big diet and lifestyle changes yield big results, this is true.

But what good are those results if they don’t last?

The alternative is making a manageable change that is consistently applied. Then layering improvements that can evolve with your reality.

But it’s too easy to dismiss or forget the daily goals that seem too small to matter. It feels demotivating to keep doing something that doesn’t feel like it’s working.

And so it’s all too common to waffle before traction can develop.

But the smallest change, consistently applied can be shockingly effective.

Having the right tools and people in place to counteract the second-guessing can make all the difference.

How It Works


In our first session we will sort through the puzzle pieces of your food reality to identify gaps and challenges.

There are so many variables to consider that impact your diet and nutrition: food choice and preferences, of course, but also…

  • meal timing and composition

  • appetite trends

  • motivation & mindset

  • psychological influences

  • health history

  • nutritional status

  • daily routines and schedules

  • food skills

  • mindless habits

…all of which impact food choice and metabolism!

Then we formulate a plan and a rough outline of which parts we’ll tackle in each session.


There are a few different directions we can pursue:

  • specific diet patterns: Mediterranean, Plant-based, Paleo, Low-carb, Low-fat, even Ketogenic

  • meal timing and fasting

  • meal planning and preparation routines

  • techniques for habit change and self-accountability

  • shifting mindset and motivation

  • awareness and self-care

Usually, it’s a mix of all of these into a personal recipe.


Then we progress!

Each session, we review your gains and challenges.

We check which goals are progressing and which goals need finessing or changing.

We set 1-2 new goals that further build on the current focus or on the next part of the plan.

As we connect, unpack, troubleshoot, and reflect, you stay engaged and accountable and I keep track of the big picture, offer options and tools, and help you train consistency.

Sound good?

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